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4 Tips to Close a Deal at a Trade Show

trade showWhen it comes to engaging the modern-day consumer, trade shows are quickly growing as an effective way to not only introduce a product but also to sell it. While it is often easy to draw a customer in with just the right amount of eye contact and a friendly greeting, more often than not, most customers end up walking away empty-handed. Whether you’re advertising a service or a tangible product, here are some surefire ways to make sure you close the deal right then and there.

Create a personal need for the product

The truth of the matter is that most people won’t consider buying a product unless it caters to some sort of personal need or desire. Before introducing the product, it’s important to make sure that you start by getting to know the person you’re trying to sell the product to. While you won’t need to have a lengthy, in-depth conversation with each person, you should try to get a sense of what general demographic he or she falls under. Even simply knowing the individual’s age can give you a good idea of what he or she may need or want.

Now you have the opportunity to focus more on the properties of the product that will interest that particular person. First interactions often set the course for the rest of the encounter, so it’s important to remember that you want to convince your potential customer that he or she will benefit from the product rather than simply entertaining the individual with information.

Include the customer in the demonstration

As we move toward a more fast-paced society, one of the most effective ways to hold a person’s attention is with a physical, interactive demonstration. Allowing the customer to engage with the product allows you to directly show the impact it will make on personal lives. It’s easy to forget simple words, but it’s harder to forget an actual experience.

This is also a great opportunity to show the customer the authenticity of your brand and product. It’s hard to believe things you can’t see, but who will deny something watched personally? A good demonstration will eliminate all doubts that the customer may have about the product, which will increase the probability of purchase.

Be personable and genuine

One thing to remember when selling a product is to keep in mind that you are not only asking the customer to trust the product but also to trust you. Word of mouth is one of the leading ways that a product gets buzz, because people trust the opinions of others. With this in mind, make sure to present yourself to the customer as a friend rather than a salesperson. Be honest about the limitations of the product, but highlight the need for it despite the limitations. No one will believe a salesperson who goes on and on about the perfect product, but people are more inclined to trust those who don’t hold back the truth. One way to do this is by stating why the product may not be the best for a different demographic of people but perfect for those fitting the customer’s. This lets the customer know that your brand is honest and aware of the fact that this product is not for everyone. Don’t simply sell the product – sell the brand behind it.

Make the purchase easy

The key to selling a product is giving the impression that the customer is not taking a risk. Make the customer think, “Why not?” A trade show offers the perfect opportunity for this because it allows you to immediately answer all the questions someone may have about the product. Since trade shows almost always offer demonstrations as well as a physical person to answer any questions or address any doubts that a customer may have, it makes for a greater likelihood of an instant purchase.

The main reason that shoppers spend so much time doing research before making a purchase is because the digital world lacks the physical assurance that people naturally desire. Most people need someone there to personally assure them that not only is there no harm in simply making the purchase now but also that it may be easier than purchasing later. It’s now or never, right?

While trade shows are great for increasing brand awareness, most companies don’t realize that this is also a great opportunity to make direct sales. There’s no doubt that the world is quickly moving toward a more digital platform, but even the most complex technological advances cannot compete with real interactions with real people. At the end of the day, people are most likely to believe in a product they can experience themselves, so make the most of your next trade show with the right sales-closing strategies!