Things to Consider in a Trade Show Exhibit Booth Display

Having a booth at a trade show presents a world of possibilities to present yourself and your business in a unique way that creates a lasting impression. There are so many ways you can try to stand out and make that connection. Read More


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Ideas for Trade Booth Displays That Draw Visitors

Having a spot at a trade show is certainly an honor and presents an opportunity for you to showcase yourself, your brand, your products and so much more. Read More


Fabric Trade Show Displays from TradeShowPlus

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Create a Beautiful Display with Tension Fabric Backdrops

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Tips for a Trade Show Display That Stands Out

Being present at a trade show puts you directly in contact with your customers. There is no better way to communicate with potential customers than to be directly in front of them with face to face interaction. Even then, your marketing skills are put to the test.

You want to do something that draws a crowd to your trade show booth and make sure they see you and are interested in what you have to offer. How can you be sure to draw the attention of potential customers?

A great display booth can make all the difference. Today, we will present a few tips and trick to have a high quality convention booth display at your next trade show that draws in customers.

Eye Catching Graphics – Obviously, if you have a convention booth display, there will be a lot of people around you with the same goal, to draw attention. The best way to do this is with graphics that stand out. Use high-resolution images and graphics to give you a great exhibit design. Use pop-up displays, banners, booth wraps, tabletop displays, large-format posters, and even backlit signage to catch attention. Remember to use bold images and large font that is easy to read so people attending the trade show can read it from across the show floor.

Customization – You won’t stand out if you don’t add some customization to your trade show display in some way. Include the name of the show you are attending. Adjust the copy and images of your displays for the event and the audience expected to attend. Make changes to promotions you offer based on your audience. The goal is to make each show you attend a little unique so a new audience gets drawn to you.

Drive Attendance – If you are making a trade show appearance soon, promote it by using direct mail. Print flyers and include personalized URLs so people can easily make appointments, register for events, or claim incentives.

Present Measurables – Once you are set up and a trade show begins, how can you track if you are having success? Give out promotion codes, scan barcodes for promotions, or give out business cards to track the attendance at your booth. This will help you not only see how well you did at a specific show but also which marketing methods worked the best for you.

Follow Up with Contacts – Once you have connected with an attendee at a trade show, don’t forget about them. Follow up with them shortly after the trade show to see if there is the potential for business. You put in the work to get them to visit your convention booth display, so don’t let them just walk away without attempting more contact.

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How To Create a Sense of Urgency for Trade Show Prospects

the time is nowAlthough trade shows are great for bringing attention to your brand, we all know how hard it can be to encourage your prospect to go ahead and make a decision. Creating a sense of urgency can be hard when it comes to trade shows because you’re forced to have a face-to-face conversation rather than adding a simple “sign up today” at the end of your sentence. If you’re not sure how to create a sense of urgency​ without seeming like the overly pushy salesperson, here are some ways to get your prospect to make a decision then and there:

Get to know them

Even though it may take a bit of time, getting to know your prospect will give you the upper hand in the long run. By getting to know where your potential customers’ work, what they’re looking for, and why they could be interested in your product or service, you’ll be able to cater your pitch directly toward their needs. The key to getting people to make a decision about your product quickly is to create a solution to their problems. In order to get an idea of what they’re looking for and need, you’re going to need to get a good sense of who they are. A strong start almost always guides the way to a sure-fire sell.

Stay away from pushy language

When you’re preparing for your sales pitch, it’s always good to be conscious of the language you’re using. To ensure you’re not being too pushy and artificial, stay away from phrases such as “now” and “today.” Although those are great for creating urgency on limited time offers, simply telling potential customers that they should buy today may come off sounding a little too pushy.

Instead of using commanding words, it’s better to use phrases that create a sense of urgency for the customers to solve their specific problem. Altering your language to focus on helping them solve their problems faster rather than simply trying to sell your product will undoubtedly create a sense of trust as well as urgency. With this tactic, they’ll see you more as someone there to help rather than sell.

Create a sense of security

People trust real-life experiences more than an overly rehearsed sales pitch. One of the best ways to get people to make a decision fast is by incorporating any real-life experiences (either of your own or someone you know) that relate to their situation.

Let’s say a customer is concerned about buying an automated vacuum because he or she owns a dog or cat. However, you have a friend who owns a dog who also shared the same concern and had no problem at all. In fact, the friend of yours actually had a great experience because it ended up doubling as a toy. Stories like these are great to mention not only because it shows the customer that you understand the concern, but it also debunks any doubts he or she may have in a more realistic manner compared to simply stating facts.

The truth of the matter is that people like to feel as though their concerns are taken into consideration. Using the experiences of past customers, friends or even yourself can help erase any doubts or concerns they may have about the product or service and how it may effect their personal lifestyle. When it comes to making a quick decision, relatability is a big way to get the customer to really delve into trying your product.

Get a feel for where they stand

No matter how well your sales pitch may have gone, it can still be tough to see what is going through the prospect’s mind. Slight nods and smiles can mean anything from “I’m ready to buy” to “I don’t believe a single thing.” To be completely sure of where the prospect stands, it’s nice to have an upfront, honest conversation about his or her thoughts on the situation.

If, for example, money is an issue, creating a custom payment plan will show the customer you are dedicated to truly helping him or her. You’ll often find that an easily fixable concern can stop the customer from making a quick decision. Being open and honest is one of the best ways to get things moving.

When it comes to making decisions, we all know how hard it can be to make a quick one. Big or small, any decision requires consideration; the more information, the better. In order to seal the deal with potential customers, put yourself in their shoes. Instead of focusing on your goal and your product, put yourself in a situation to help them fix their problems. Once you do that, the rest will flow naturally.


Why Day 3 Is Worth Your Effort

last day trade show tipsYou’ve done months of preparation. You’ve drawn in the crowds. Your trade show setup looks great. And you’ve made it – at last – to the final day of the event. To put it lightly, you’re fading. While it may be tempting, don’t let yourself slow down on this last day when you’ve made it this far. If you don’t think the last day is worth much, think again – and read on to learn why it’s so important for you to keep up your hard work for just a little longer!

  • The stragglers can be just as interested as the prompt attendees. Just because they’re passing by your booth on the last day doesn’t make them any less interested than those who pass by on the first.
  • Some of those “stragglers” might not have actually been at the trade show for the first two days – perhaps Day 3 was the only day that worked with their schedule.
  • For large trade show events, it may take three days for attendees to make the rounds to all the booths. This means that the impression they get of yours (even on that final day) will be the first one – and first impressions last.
  • Your feelings will likely be obvious to passersby, who will be able to tell from your body language and attitude that you’ve mentally checked out. Whether they’ve visited your stand before or it’s their first time seeing it, that impression isn’t going to be a positive one for you – or for your company.
  • People who hang around until the last day of a trade show often have a bit more time than on the other days when there are often more events happening. Use this to your advantage by engaging with people. You’ll be able to go into more detail than otherwise about your products or services and provide a clearer picture of what it is you’re offering.
  • For any attendees you’ve met already, they’ve had some time to mull over the conversations they’ve had at the event – and may have developed some questions about what you discussed with them. Or, perhaps they’re comparing what you’re offering with one of your competitors at the trade show. Either way, be sure you’re at the top of your game to answer any questions and explain what you have that perhaps your competitor doesn’t (which may simply be a presence on Day 3 – and that can be enough!).
  • Bonus Tip: Your feet are probably aching by Day 3 – but not if you bring two pairs of shoes to wear! Alternate shoes every other day, and you’ll find some relief so you can focus on what’s important instead of trying to hide the fact that you’re in pain.

To put it short, you never know when that golden opportunity will strike – but it could very well be in the last five minutes of the last day of your trade show. So, follow these trade show tips and don’t give up the ship a minute too early, or you could miss out!


Clichés to Avoid at Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows and conventions can be a marvelous experience with the large number of booths, vendors, and merchandise available. Seeing these cool booths can motivate you to host a table booth of your own, but be careful to avoid committing these common mistakes and cliches. You don’t want your booth to become that booth with a negative rap. This can cause attendees to avoid your booth. Some people may even take their negative opinion of your booth online, perpetuating your booth’s bad name, warning others to avoid it. Here are the six most common clichés to avoid at your trade show booth.

Free Stuff Frenzy
Everyone loves free stuff, but not when it burdens them with useless clutter. Avoid handing out too much free stuff at your trade show booth, especially items that serve no use or purpose. Only give out one or two items at most. Limit your free gifts to simple and useful stuff like lanyards or tote bags, but skip out on keychains, plush toys, and rubber wristbands. Giving out large numbers of free products will also outshine your actual products available at your booth. You might find attendees stopping by your booth just to nab the free stuff and move on without taking a look at your actual products and services.

Loud Music
You don’t need loud music to get the attention of attendees if you are already presenting great and unique products and services at your booth. Often times, loud music drives away customers since they can’t discuss their opinions about your products with one another. They might have trouble focusing with a speaker blasting into their ears. Loud music also tends to be a conversation killer and customers won’t be able to ask your booth employees questions about the items for sale. Not only can loud music annoy, but it is often against trade show floor rules, and for a good reason. The trade show might even charge a fee for blasting ear-bleeding music.

Small Talk Chatter
It can be friendly and polite to chat with customers and answer their questions, but let’s cut to the chase. They know you are there to sell them products and services, so chatting them up with endless small talk can scare them away. Customers have a limited amount of time to shop and look through all the booths and vendors at the trade show, so they don’t want to spend too much time with someone that will talk their ear off about the weather or if they have seen any movies recently. Ask them one or two small talk questions, but make sure to quickly move onto the important topic at hand which is your products and merchandise. Maybe limit small talk to simple conversations like asking if they’re having fun at the trade show.

Gimmicks Galore
Trade shows may display booths with tons of gimmicks employed. Some of the time these gimmicks include spokesmen and women who know little about the products, services, or merchandise. Sometimes you might see them in costumes, often times irrelevant to the merchandise being sold. Skip these gimmicks since they can distract potential customers from your merchandise. Don’t hire jugglers, fire breathers, and especially female models. Even if the gimmick is relevant to your merchandise, it can still seem ridiculous. For example, everyone is laughing at the booth who hired a guy in a monkey suit handing out free bananas to promote their new banana scented body lotion.

Topical Theme Topper
You may be tempted to jump on a hype train or explosive trend, such as slapping a unicorn theme onto your financial counseling services booth because the new hit thing is unicorn themed products. In reality, these two topics are completely irrelevant to each other and end up falling flat or gimmicky. Be honest with your merchandise and services and avoid topical themes that have a shelf life. This may not be winning over potential customers. In fact, they might avoid your booth if it is sending a message not aligned with the company.

Logic Trumps Creativity
Each trade show will give vendors and booths a pre-determined amount of space, which is wonderful. They might help you set up or provide your booth with free tables and chairs for your employees. Make sure to utilize this space in an efficient and organized manner to ensure customers and attendees don’t get confused while they’re browsing. Avoid making your booth design and layout too complex, but also don’t make it too simple that it fails to catch the eyes of attendees. It should be well organized, attractive, and appealing. Avoid cluttering the space with fixtures and large signs, as this will cut into the space available for your products. Don’t go too crazy with rainbow banners and setting down products willy nilly. This will make it difficult for customers to find products and for your employees to search for them. Keep it simple, but not so simple that it is just a table with a plain black table cloth and a sign. A little effort and attention can go a long way!

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How to Inspire Attendees to Remain at Your Trade Show Booth

Simply setting up a booth at a trade show and expecting to achieve leads toward successful sales is a waste of time unless effort is put into attracting people to the booth, then engaging in meaningful discussion with them while there. The following are tips to assist you to persuade trade show attendees to stop at your booth and to remain long enough for you to get your message across.

1. Ask people what they need from you

When someone stops at your booth, they will have an interest in your business or your organization and will want to learn more. Discover what interests. Rather than explaining what your company does, ask them what they’re looking for. Listen carefully to their answers. Determine how best you can address their needs and explain to them clearly how you can do so, without any confusing or overly detailed industry jargon they may not understand. If it appears you cannot supply their needs, try finding a way in which you might be able to do so. You may come up with a solution that will work well, but which the inquirer had not considered.

2. Be personable in order to connect with the inquirer

Treat the person who approaches you as a friend or a neighbor rather than a potential client. Try to come across as someone that is relatable and welcoming. Above all, try to avoid coming across as a salesperson, desperate to sell your product or service at all costs. Try to come across rather as someone who is genuinely concerned about the inquirer’s needs and how you can be of assistance to that person.

3. Provide a sample or a demonstration of your service or product

To attract people to stop by your booth and talk to you, it helps to have a free sample relating to your product or service that you can hand to them. As you hand it to them, or as they take it from your booth, engage them in conversation by asking how they might use the product or what they think of it. A demonstration tends to attract trade show goers, too. Once you have a small group of people watching the demonstration, it encourages others to stop by, too.

4. Anticipate people’s questions

Consider what people might want to know about your product or service. They might wonder, for example, how well it works, how much it costs, or what it can achieve. Make sure that you know your product or service so well that you can answer any question immediately. The last thing you want is to look flustered when a question arises and you do not know the answer or have to consult someone else at the booth to ascertain it.

5. Keep products always on display

If you provide a number of different products or provide a variety of services, make sure that people passing by your booth will be able to see them. Some attendees might be looking for a specific product or service; if they do not see it at your booth, they will assume you do not provide it.

6. Invite people to interact with your products or displays

You might want attendees to try out a product that you offer; people can connect with interaction more so than what they hear or see. If such interaction is not possible because of the nature of your product or service, consider a brief quiz with a prize, a contest or similar tactic that will enable them to interact in some way with your product or service.

7. Build a booth with a theme

Relate your booth in some way with your business. It might be by using the colors on your logo, models or pictures of your product or service, or an attractive design. Above all, your booth should represent the nature of your business and look different from those around it. A booth for a bank, for example, clearly should look different from that of a business that provides clowns for children’s parties.

8. Look professional

Although casual dress is accepted in most workplaces, it always helps to dress respectfully when representing your company at a trade show, particularly if you have a business or service that provides professional services, such as financial consulting or legal services.
Dress up rather than down and prove to attendees you mean business!