Top Qualities To Look For in a Trade Show Host


Top Qualities To Look For in a Trade Show Host

Trade show hostWhile having the perfect trade show display is an important part of a successful trade show booth, the person inside the booth is just as integral. At the end of the day, this person is responsible not only for selling your product or service but also for representing the image of your brand. While most people love a good product or service, they may change their minds if they get a negative first impression from the person representing your business. If you’re not sure how to find your perfect trade show booth host, read on for some qualities you’ll want the person to have.

Confident, Articulate & Knowledgeable

While it may seem obvious, it’s critical that the person inside your booth is able to speak up. Many people will pass by a booth unless they’re approached first. In order to draw the consumers in, you need a representative who isn’t afraid to approach individuals and pique their interest. You never want the person manning your booth to be shy or hesitant to reach out.

In addition, the face behind your booth should be someone who is both confident and articulate. He or she needs to be able to get your message across quickly and clearly – so you’ll also want the person to have in-depth knowledge about your business and products or services. When people are well-versed in what they’re saying, they won’t be as prone to ramble on and on, losing their audience’s attention. While your booth representative may not have every answer to questions that arise from trade show attendees, if the individual is confident and articulate, he or she will be sure to get the message across and make a lasting impression.

Believes in the Product/Service

The most convincing people are the ones who use the product or service themselves. This is one of the most overlooked qualities when looking for someone to man a trade show booth. When considering your options, be sure to choose someone who not only knows a lot about what you’re offering but also can truly advocate for it. Many companies make the mistake of hiring the person with the best resume without considering his or her knowledge or beliefs regarding the brand. Nothing beats the passion behind genuine interactions. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective marketing tactics, so having someone with personal experience with your brand will make it that much more convincing, and his or her pitch will feel much more natural than a forced or staged speech.

Personable With a Sense of Humor

The truth of the matter is, what it takes to attract trade show attendees may be as simple as a friendly smile. The ideal trade show host should be personable and have a sense of humor. The individual shouldn’t simply come off as someone selling a product/service; he or she should feel like a friend who’s sharing the good news about a discovered brand. These charismatic people are exactly the type of people you want inside your booth.
The person you choose to man your trade show booth can have an enormous effect on the success of your business. Be sure to consider all your options, and think outside the box on who might best fit the bill. Keeping these qualities in mind when choosing your trade show staffing is sure to deliver a successful – and fun – trade show!

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Top Qualities To Look For in a Trade Show Host

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