Most Popular Outdoor Displays


Most Popular Outdoor Displays

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Getting the word out about your business can be difficult and often very confusing in today’s competitive landscape. Trade shows are often the perfect opportunity to reach an invested audience. While most trade shows take place indoors, there are a number that happen outside (weather permitting). Obviously, you want every penny you spend on promotion to have a measurable return on investment – and if you’re participating in an outdoor trade show, you’ll want display solutions to match the location. Fortunately, there are a number of outdoor trade show displays to effectively promote your company’s message and create new customers. Below are our top five favorite custom outdoor banners – whether for trade shows or for a carnival or fair.

Outdoor Banner Wall

When it comes to getting your message out, bigger is usually better. The ability to catch and keep potential customers’ attention is priceless, and there is no better way to achieve this than with a traditional outdoor banner wall. Due to its sheer size, the banner wall guarantees the undivided attention of whoever happens to be passing by. Additionally, its large surface area allows you more space to get creative with your visuals and messaging. An outdoor banner wall is truly one of the most versatile outdoor solutions there is, and a valuable investment in the future profitability of your organization.

Flagpole Banner

If you are looking to get your company’s message out in a more subdued yet still effective way, then we highly recommend a telescopic flagpole banner. The primary advantage of this sort of outdoor display is that it is incredibly mobile and easy to work with while still gathering a lot of attention. Flagpole banners continue to be incredibly popular due to their lightweight design and the ease of changing out the creative.

sidewalk cafe signAce A-Frame Display

Another popular outside display option – the Ace A-frame Display – is perfect for businesses like restaurants and bars or any business that receives a large volume of foot traffic. These displays are not only effective, durable, customizable and easy to set up – they also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for anyone who might be walking by your business. These displays function more like an invitation to potential customers to come in and see your business – or your business’ booth if you’re at a trade show – which makes them a valuable investment for getting your message out as well as building a positive company perception in your community.


A truly unique outdoor display option, the Outdoor Angled Brandcusi is a popular display solution that is sure to set your business apart from the rest. Due to its unique shape and equally captivating graphics, the Brandcusi guarantees attention and will deftly get the word out about your business. These displays are also known for their durability and easy upkeep, making them a great promotional investment for the long term.

Air Dancers

Finally, another popular and fun outdoor display solution is the very famous Air Dancer. The ultimate choice in fun and attention-grabbing outdoor displays, Air Dancers make a perfect addition to the promotion efforts of any company looking to create a fun and playful brand perception. Available in many size options, Air Dancers guarantee your organization is seen as light-hearted.
While there are a plethora of outdoor display options out there that you can use for your business, we hope this list of the most popular solutions was a helpful resource on what types of outdoor displays are being used most and for what kinds of businesses. Along with these popular options, TradeShowPlus has a massive line of other outdoor display options that can be customized for any sort of business and whatever individual needs you may have. Which one is your favorite?

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Most Popular Outdoor Displays

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