Nurture Trade Show Leads with Drip Email Campaigns


Nurture Trade Show Leads with Drip Email Campaigns

For many companies, the expense of attending trade shows is very worthwhile. During a trade show, you have the opportunity to interact with hundreds—potentially even thousands—of people who are all members of your industry or have great interest in it. It’s a perfect opportunity for capturing leads.

Once you’ve arrived home with all of the leads you’ve collected, the real work begins. It’s time to convert those leads.

To have the best chance of converting leads from a trade show, it’s wise to have a campaign fully planned before the show even begins. A drip email campaign is perfect for that. You can compose every email in a series before the show begins. You can also launch the campaign immediately after capturing the leads’ email addresses, while you’re still fresh in their memories.

A drip email campaign is a series of emails sent automatically to a list of recipients at an interval of your choosing. Since the campaign is automated, you need to compose the series of messages in advance. Although planning and writing the messages may take a significant amount of time, executing the campaign requires no input. You can simply click a button and move on to gathering more leads.

For the best chance of success, a drip email campaign requires careful planning. To maximize the impact of the sales pitch at the end, each message in the series needs to provide value and keep readers interested. These tips can help:

Personalize the Message

Audience segmentation works beautifully for drip email campaigns because it allows you to send personalized messages to your prospects. When you compose the introductory message for your campaign, take a moment to remind your prospects of why they’re hearing from you. If you gave a presentation at the trade show, you could open the email series by providing some additional information that you didn’t have time for during the presentation. If you collected the prospects’ email addresses during a question-and-answer session, you could open the series with a transcript containing some of the questions and answers that the attendees found most interesting.

Provide Value

If you want to keep people reading the messages in your drip email campaign, you need to provide value. Your prospects know that your messages are promotional in nature, so don’t try to hide that fact. Instead, concentrate on making your messages worth reading. The content of your messages is vital to the success of your campaign, so plan what you will discuss well in advance. You could use your messages to inform your audience about your industry, provide advice or simply entertain, but your prospects must benefit from reading each message. Otherwise, they won’t open the next one.

Tell a Story

Keep prospects interested by weaving a thread through your drip email campaign. For example, you might tell your own story as a business owner. Alternatively, you might use the email campaign to explain how to accomplish a complex task in great detail. At the end of each message, tease the information that you’ll provide in the next email. Providing a preview creates a sense of anticipation that’ll keep your prospects interested throughout the campaign.

For the next message in the campaign, use a subject line that reminds your prospects of the content that you teased in the previous message. Your prospects will read the subject line and remember the content that they’ve been anticipating.

Save the Pitch

If you want to maintain attention and maximize your potential conversion rate, you should make your prospects crave the payoff at the end of the email series. By the end of the series, your prospects shouldn’t just want the product that you’re going to pitch; they should fully understand why they need it. If you pitch a product too soon, you risk losing many of your prospects. Fill the early portion of your email series with as much value as possible—save the pitch for the end.

Respect the Inbox

It’s important to stay at the top of your prospects’ minds, but don’t email so often that people begin ignoring your messages. You need to maintain a delicate sense of timing to avoid losing interest and alienating your prospects. To learn the ideal timing for your drip email campaigns, you should track your open and click-through rates closely. Most email marketing providers will handle tracking for you. If the open rate drops drastically from one message to the next, you need to make one or more of these three changes to improve the performance of your next campaign:

  • Adjust the delay between your messages
  • Do a better job of teasing the next email in the series
  • Improve the subject line of the email that had a low open rate

With these tips and some impactful writing, you should be able to craft an automated email campaign that converts your hard-earned leads into conversions. Remember to get a head start on your writing before the trade show to save time between the show and the day your first email goes out!

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Nurture Trade Show Leads with Drip Email Campaigns

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