Must-Have Objectives for Your Next Trade Show


Must-Have Objectives for Your Next Trade Show

You might go to the same trade show every year, but there’s no reason each visit can’t be more beneficial for your business than the last. For your trade show to be a success, you have to set objectives that are quantifiable. Goals help you focus the way you design, participate and implement your exhibit. It ensures that you gain a return on your investment and maximizes your brand’s exposure.


One of the reasons for going to a trade show is to boost your communication with clients and stakeholders. You can distinguish your business from competitors, target a new market or promote a specific message. The trade show is an opportunity for you to create or change your company’s position. After deciding on the message that you want to send, you need to find a way to quantify it. Will you provide a survey at the show? Can you track your success through new leads? The traffic to your booth, new leads and survey results can show you if your message was effective.

Take advantage of a busy trade show floor to generate as many leads as possible.

Take advantage of a busy trade show floor to generate plenty of leads.

Qualifying Leads

Before you go to a trade show, set a goal for reaching a certain number of qualified leads. Each year, you should try to increase this number. There are also apps available that help you instantly upload the client’s contact information. These apps are also extremely useful for creating metrics from the trade show and a usable list of potential leads.

Getting Your Brand Name Out There

If you have recently started your business or are creating a new product line, it is important to get your brand name out there. Before the show, make sure that your brand is consistent with your website, exhibit literature and information. You should also send out an e-mail or literature before the show to generate some buzz. Your post-show mailer should also emphasize your brand and seek to build on the new client relationships that you have developed.

Don't let your trade show strategy depend on brochures that may be late to arrive.

Don’t let your trade show strategy depend on brochures that may be late to arrive.

Making Sure Your Exhibit Materials Arrive on Time

Even if you spent months planning your exhibit, this time will be completely wasted if your exhibit materials do not arrive on time. Check with the show to see if they have preferred shipping and logistics partners that they work with. Next, make sure to reserve enough room on a shipping truck for your items to arrive in time. There is generally a place to store items before the show as long as they arrive early enough. Talk to the trade show about your options and write out a schedule of when each step has to be completed.


People love getting free things, so giveaways are an opportunity for you to spread your brand name and drive traffic to your booth. If you want to get more attention, boost your brand and bring in qualified leads, giveaways are a key way to do it. Find interesting, useful giveaways that people actually want. Tote bags are great giveaway items because attendees will use them to carry items during the event. Everyone who sees the tote bag will end up seeing the name of your brand.

Designing Measurable Trade Show Objectives

Ensure your goals are attainable and measurable.

Ensure your goals are attainable and measurable.

Every business is different, but most companies will need to consider some of the following trade show objectives before their next event.

  • Getting additional press
  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Changing your company’s image
  • Gaining qualified leads
  • Getting information about the competition
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Carry out market research through surveys and spotting industry trends
  • Boosting traffic to your booth
  • Educate attendees who are not familiar with your company
  • Find and recruit new employees
  • Discover new distributors or suppliers

Once you have set your goals for the trade show, make sure to decide on how you will quantify them. In some cases, it is easy to tell if your objective was successful. If you are trying to garner new leads, you can easily tell if you have reached your quota. Other objectives are not as easy to quantify. You can use surveys to see if attendees are aware of your latest promotion, but the only way to know if the event was successful is through your future sales revenue. By staying organized and tracking all of your trade show metrics, you can determine if your business achieved its trade show goals.

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Must-Have Objectives for Your Next Trade Show

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