Bring Your Trade Show Exhibit into the Digital Age


Bring Your Trade Show Exhibit into the Digital Age

In the age of digital trade show marketing, industry conventions have to use new technology to get the attention of attendees. More importantly, technology makes it easier to generate leads, develop customer relationships and boost the company’s visibility. With the right techniques, businesses can prepare for a profitable trade show.

Replace Projectors With Video Walls

Crowd of business people at the forum.Currently, 50 percent of exhibitors use or plan to use touch screen technology. Tablet computers are excellent for interactive demonstrations. Instead of the projectors of the past, exhibitors are now using holography and video walls. In addition to being eye-catching, these video walls are simple to set up and easy to modify.

Get Rid of Paper Business Cards 

Traditionally, exhibitors collect business cards from attendees. Instead of tossing a bunch of cards in a bowl, businesses can use an application that automatically scans badges. Attendees can swipe their badge at the booth and the information is automatically updated in the company’s database. As an added benefit, companies are able to get more data from badge scanning software than they would from a traditional business card.

Harness Social Media

Before and after an event, companies need to use social media to get media exposure and reach out to customers. A company hashtag for a promotion or using an event hashtag will help the business get involved in the online conversation. Teaser videos, video footage of the event and social giveaways can all improve the company’s online profile.

Use a Tablet PC for Better Data Capture

Tablets are excellent for gathering in-booth information. As soon as data is captured, it can be updated to Google Drive or a company database. Staffers can be given a tablet computer like an iPad to carry as they interact with visitors. The QuickTapSurvey app is designed to work with Android and iPad devices. This app can be used for market research, gathering feedback, collecting contact information or capturing data. It can be used on- or offline with an intuitive interface. Survey questions can be included so that business owners know exactly what the visitor is interested in.

phones chargingUse Charging Stations at the Booth

Everyone who has been to a trade show knows how difficult it can be to find a charging station. As tablets and mobile devices lose their charge, attendees need to find a way to power up their devices. With more people using mobile devices, a charging station is a key way to attract attendees to the booth. While the attendee may only show up to charge their device, the exhibitor has several minutes to make an impression, showcase products and generate leads. Currently, an estimated 50 percent of exhibitors are looking into using charging stations at their booth.

Track the Attendee’s Location

One of the latest apps to hit high-tech trade shows is iBeacon. Designed by Apple, this system can accurately pinpoint where an attendee is at on the trade show floor. When they are in close proximity to the booth, the attendee can be sent information, product details or advertisements to get them interested in the exhibitor.

An estimated two-thirds of exhibitors are using tablet computers interactively with attendees. In addition, half of exhibitors currently use or play to use touch screens with their booths. Technology makes it easier to generate leads and engage with customers. Instead of writing illegible contact details on a survey form, attendees can now swipe their badge or connect through a touch screen device. Explore the extensive catalog of high tech-ready booth options at Trade Show Plus and update your trade show booth today!

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Bring Your Trade Show Exhibit into the Digital Age

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