5 Tech Company Booths That Grabbed Our Attention


5 Tech Company Booths That Grabbed Our Attention

Tech industry trade shows have become as synonymous with America as apple pie, the Ford Mustang and funny signs at professional wrestling events. Seems like every other month a swath of conference-goers hail from all over to gawk and fidget with the latest offerings. If you happen to be representing one of these companies, you’ll want your booth to stop ‘em in their tracks, make ‘em drop their high-tech popcorn and gaze in amazement at your presentation. Here are five examples of excellence in tech industry booth design to inspire you:

Google Places @ NRAS

Google pin

There’s comfort in familiarity. That explains why ABBA songs appear in Broadway musicals, why Transformers movies keep getting made and why Google used one of its most iconic images for a booth promoting their Places services at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Eye-popping, sure, but also indicative of what they may be displaying. The drop pin is so widely recognizable that when attendees see it from afar, they’re bound to raise their eyebrows in curiosity. It’s a testament to the power of incorporating familiar imagery on a more unique scale than what we’re used to.

Samsung @ CES


Sleek, inventive, futuristic—these are the adjectives that spring to mind when we think about technology. Why not make your Consumer Electronics Show booth resemble that? Here, Samsung is victorious in designing what might be considered all three. The eye is immediately drawn to the overhead installation and soothed with a calm shade of blue reminiscent of the ocean, or, if you’re not an outdoorsy type, the late night talk shows currently airing on broadcast television. When we finish ooh-ing and ahh-ing we nod down and notice that Samsung is responsible. An incredibly effective attempt at grabbing our attention, then using an innovative display to demonstrate the company’s television capabilities.

TEDxEdmonton Stage


While this one doesn’t quite fit the category of tech company conference booths, we loved it so much we had to include it. If you’ve watched a TED Talk, then you know it’s all about ideas and fresh perspectives for your brain to sponge up and retain. This stage setup is not only pleasing to the eye, but arranged in a way that exemplifies what they’re about: warmly explaining ideas to a captive audience. The use of multi-colored, multi-tiered sectional seating caters to our innermost love of ROY G. BIV schematics. The booth is welcoming, wide-open and a superb non-verbal introduction to what is about to be presented.

Casio @ CES

Casio opted to paint with broad strokes and we applaud this approach for their booth and product. The company’s new line of smart outdoor watches was intended for adventurers—hikers, bikers and those who thrive in the wilderness. To convey the outdoor vibe, Casio went big. Picturesque murals of outdoor scenes in the woods and mountains inspire the Bear Grylls in all of us. Having the watch prominently displayed informs you of the purpose of the booth, while successfully piquing your curiosity from afar.

Medecision @ HIMSS


Bright, moving figures drew HIMSS-goers to the Medecision booth in 2014. Because of the company’s focus on “connected care in action,” they hired dancers to wear ostentatious full-body suits and dance along to a popular video game while wearing Fitbits. Attendees could stop by and just watch, or take a guess at how many total steps the dancers’ Fitbits would log throughout the conference. The closest guessers took home Xbox One consoles, a small price for Medecision to pay in exchange for their greatly increased exposure at the trade show.

So, how does your trade show booth measure up? Whether you represent a tech firm or not, appearance and functionality are paramount at any trade show worth attending. Perhaps you don’t have the budget of some of these larger companies, but you can still create an eye-popping display that looks like you spent a million bucks. Explore our site and find the exhibit solutions that will help your booth stand out at your next show.

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5 Tech Company Booths That Grabbed Our Attention

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