Why You Should Go Digital at Your Next Trade Show


Why You Should Go Digital at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are the ultimate time to showcase what your business has to offer and attract new leads. Unfortunately, the amount of effort it takes to put on an exhibition often leaves a large carbon footprint. When you decide to minimize trade show waste by going digital, not only do you show consumers that you care about the environment; you also streamline the process of accruing new business. Read on to find more benefits of going paperless.

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Keep accurate records. When managing your booth at a trade show, it can be difficult to keep up with sign-up sheets, business cards, flyers and the like. By making these available digitally, you’ll never have to wonder where you put that important handout. Beyond this, if you make any transactions at your booth, you’ll have access to the digitized information. You can use various types of quick-scan software that will help with credit card transactions, quick scanning of documents and uploading scanned information to the cloud, eliminating the headache of sorting through lots of papers to keep accurate records.

Make a lasting impression. Most potential customers interact with digital interfaces for most of their day. They get their news online, connect with family and friends through social media and even shop online. Because of this, the business card you eagerly press into their hands could quickly become expendable clutter to them. In order to get in front of your customers and stay there, you have to meet them where they are. By creating digital business cards, directing traffic to your online presence and pushing your marketing through email and other digital mediums, you make a lasting impression.


Position your business as an innovator. In the trade show business, it’s all about branding and focusing on how you appear to the consumer. Regardless of your product, presentation is
everything. Using digital card readers, tablets for sign-ups or creating informational apps instead of brochures, you show consumers that you’re not afraid of the future. Digital always comes off as sleek and futuristic and makes your company seem ahead of the curve. Don’t let your brand be associated with antiquity.

Minimize your carbon footprint. The importance of this cannot be overstated. The amount of effort and non-renewable resources used to create your brochures, business cards and other promotional materials takes a toll on the planet. By using digital processes instead of paper ones, you contribute to admirable conservation efforts all around the globe. The trees will thank you!

With all of these benefits of going digital, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start today. Let us know about your business’s experience with digital data collection in the comments below or on Facebook!

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Why You Should Go Digital at Your Next Trade Show

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