10 Cheap But Effective Giveaway Ideas


10 Cheap But Effective Giveaway Ideas

At a trade show, your business’s success is largely dependent on having interesting giveaway products. An effective handout is one that has a prominent logo, is interactive and will encourage your customers to reach out to you at some point.

It’s important to remember that while traditional, cheap trade show handouts like pens, cups and notepads can be useful, most other booths will be passing them out, too. With this in mind, try thinking outside of the box next time you’re preparing for a trade show and choose unique giveaway items that aren’t normally considered but are just as effective and cheap as the more common ones.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your upcoming event, here are the top 10 unique promotional items that people will use long after the trade show is over.

Business Card Holdersbusiness card holder

At a trade show, businesses will most likely be handing out business cards to potential customers. To make it easier for them to hold all of these cards, offer a plastic holder for them and print your logo on the back. People will appreciate this gesture and can take it back to their home or office to use permanently.

thumb drivesUSB Drives

Thumb drives are a popular trade show item, and for good reason. Almost everyone needs a USB drive at some point, so they are likely to use it if you hand them out. Plus, every time they need to grab it, they’ll see your logo and will be reminded of how helpful your business is.

Headphones with Casesheadphones

A pair of headphones is something that people pay a lot of money for, meaning almost no one will throw it away after receiving one for free. If you print your logo on the case it comes in, you’ll have free advertising and a grateful customer.

chalkboard magnetsChalkboard Magnets

Instead of giving away traditional, simple magnets, put a creative twist on it. Chalkboard magnets with your logo on them benefit both you and your customers, by giving you a way to advertise and them a way to jot down notes.

Power Bankspower banks

Power banks are extremely useful for charging phones on the go and almost everyone needs or wants one. Regular cordless chargers can sell for up to $20, so by receiving one for free, they’ll be more likely to keep and use it. With your logo front and center, they’ll constantly be reminded of your brand.

totesReusable Totes

This item is fairly common, but it’s been included because of its effectiveness. Tote bags are great because people can use them to store things during the trade show and after. They last for years, so by putting your logo on them, you’ll be getting free advertising in grocery stores and parks for a long time.


People frequently wear sunglasses, making this handout a great and cheap way to display your business. They’re especially effective in summer months or if you get a style that people enjoy wearing.

drink mixPromotional Drink Mixes

You won’t find many other businesses giving away drink mixes, making this a unique item for your booth. If you give your customers something tasty to enjoy at the show, they may come back for more! Taste is one of the top senses tied to memory. They’ll be reminded of you every time they take a sip.

Custom Lip Balmslip balm

Normally, these rounded containers of chapstick are a popular item and sell for a lot of money. At your booth, your customers will be happy to take one for free. This will be especially effective since lip balm is frequently used, meaning your brand will get a lot of contact with your customer.

pedometerIn-Shape Pedometers

FitBits may be taking over the health world, but pedometers are a cheap alternative that provide similar results with almost none of the cost. Your customers will be delighted to have something they can use often to improve their fitness. With your logo printed on the side, they’ll always know where they got it from.

Have any ideas for creative giveaway items of your own? Comment below on your most effective and creative items!

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10 Cheap But Effective Giveaway Ideas

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