10 Tech-Based Lead Gen Tactics


10 Tech-Based Lead Gen Tactics

For the best leads and networking at trade shows, business owners have to focus on technology-based solutions. New applications and devices make it even easier to collect information from participants. By using the following technology-based ideas, marketers, business owners and trade show attendees can generate leads efficiently.

1. Webinars and Seminars

For businesses, webinars are one of the latest ways to connect with consumers. Videos are more likely to catch a reader’s attention than a basic article, and they are more likely to convert a lead into a paying customer. Webinars can cover new products and solutions that the client needs. For a more innovative approach, business owners can use a webinar to teach a course or a guide on something related to their company. By adding value through education, businesses make the viewer more likely to keep watching the webinar.

business cards2. CamCard

At trade shows, it is normal to end up with hundreds of business cards. Tracking all of these business cards, inputting them in a phone and reaching out to clients require valuable time to be used. Instead of wasting time on monotonous tasks like inputting phone numbers, companies can use the CamCard app for Windows, Android and iOS devices. This app can scan and read cards in up to 16 languages. The user just takes a snapshot of the card, and the app will automatically copy the contact information and store it. Afterward, the user can add notes about the individual or set reminders for follow up e-mails. All of the information can be synced and shared for easy use.

3. Exit-Intent Pop-up

No one likes to see pop-ups when they visit a website. People have a tendency to leave a website if a pop-up appears right away, so businesses may be wasting money if they use pop-ups to advertise their business. Instead of having the pop-up appear right away, companies should set it to appear right before the site visitor leaves. This means that the reader will already have spent time checking out the site, so they are more likely to be interested in what the pop-up has to offer. According to companies like WP Beginner, this technique has boosted e-mail subscription rates by 600 percent.

4. Use AdWords to Market Events

With so many trade shows and events every year, it can be difficult to reach out to a specific audience for every event. Instead of spamming clients with e-mail offers and event invites, companies can use AdWords to market their event. Sold through Google, these advertisements can be purchased for the conference title, the company’s name or set keywords. As the advertisements hit the Web, they will help to develop new leads for the company and additional interest in the event.

5. Phone Charging Stations phones charging

Everyone at the trade show is probably carrying a cell phone. Throughout the event, attendees will spend countless hours inputting phone numbers, calling new clients and taking notes on their phone. Before long, it is safe to assume that a number of the phones will start to die. Smart booths can buy or rent phone charging stations for their booth. When people are running out of power, they will go to these phone charging stations to charge their phones. While there, the company will have a chance to get a new customer interested in their product. The trade show displays can be directly placed so that anyone using the phone charging station looks at the display and learns about the booth.

6. QuickTapSurvey

Companies that need to take surveys and capture data can use the QuickTapSurvey app to easily collect information. The app can be used for any type of market research or data capture, so it is ideally suited for trade shows. With the app, companies can collect feedback, gain new leads and track contact information. The QuickTapSurvey can be used online and offline for easy access. With an intuitive design, this piece of technology makes it simple to generate reports and analyze data in real time. It can also send automatic emails for immediate lead follow-up.

7. Promoting Media Mentions

When a company is mentioned in top news outlets, they have an opportunity to get more exposure. For example, ABC Company is mentioned by reporter John Smith for their upcoming trade show. If ABC Company is smart, they will pay to advertise the news article online. In addition to advertising ABC Company, the additional hits will boost Smith’s article. John Smith will be more likely to write about ABC Company in the future, and ABC Company gets a chance to boost their brand.

8. Mobile Apps

There are many different applications that can be used at trade shows that can help generate leads. Apps are designed for everything from tracking consumer behaviors to geo-locating attendees. For some of the apps, notifications are sent out to smart devices when the attendee is close to the company’s booth. Considering the number of smart phones in use today, it makes sense to use apps as a lead generation technique.

lanyard man9. Wearables

Wearable watches and pedometers are great for the fitness industry, but the same principle can be used at trade shows. Companies like Poken create name tags and lanyards that contain small data collection chips. When the attendee’s name tag is pressed to the exhibitor’s name tag, data is transferred that makes it simple to retrieve leads. Other than making it easier to track leads, participants are more likely to share their personal information with a swipe because it takes just a second to do.

10. iCapture

iCapture is one of the latest apps for trade shows and companies. Like a previous app on this list, it is designed to help with customized surveys. In the iCapture app, users can create custom questions, compile contact details and send out automatic e-mails.

With the right lead gen technology, exhibitors and businesses can boost their trade show ROI. These new developments make it even easier to generate and track leads from each trade show. Rather than waste time painstakingly writing out contact information or survey answers, companies can streamline the entire process.

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10 Tech-Based Lead Gen Tactics

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