Our 15 Favorite Trade Show Booths from 2015


Our 15 Favorite Trade Show Booths from 2015

Some of the best inspiration for trade shows comes from the exhibitors on trade show floors. But even if you make the rounds of shows relevant to your industry, there’s a whole world of exhibiting you’re missing out on.

This list rounds up our favorite 2015 trade show booths covering a slew of industries across the world. Featuring some of the best trade show booths we’ve seen in recent years, this list proves that the art of the show is alive and well. Dig into this list for ideas and inspiration for taking your trade show game to the next level.

Here are the 15 best trade show booths of 2015 (in our humble opinions):

Nature’s Path at NPEW 2015

Nature's Path Tree immersion booth, Natural Products Expo West Anaheim, CA March 2015

Booth: Nature’s Path created a sustainable, recyclable booth that reflected the company’s emphasis on natural, Earth-friendly products. The large tree and countertops were constructed from Oriental Strand Board and Falcon Board. Low voltage LED lighting and up-cycled product packaging were featured on the show floor. A meeting area was nestled in the tree canopy to preserve space. The well-branded, breath-taking booth earned Nature’s Path the NPEW Best of Show award.

Show: Natural Products Expo West 2015 is a trade show for natural and organic health products. The annual convention is produced by New Hope Natural Media.

Company: Nature’s Path provides certified-organic products to a variety of supermarket chains across the country. Originally a cereal producer, they now make more than 150 fair-trade, non-GMO food items.



Helios at NWCDC 2015


Booth: Helios’ minimalistic booth incorporated a bold, attention-getting vertical column and a practical display floor. The large vertical column displayed the Helios logo above the crowd, while the 600-square-foot floor below provided an open meeting area, seating and a secluded meeting room for private meetings. The clean, contemporary design earned them an ADDY award from the American Advertising Federation Awards’ Tampa Bay chapter.

Show: National Worker’s Compensation and Disability Conference is an event for the worker’s compensation and disability management industries. Various accreditation organizations, including American Association of Occupational Health Nurses and Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, provide credit to industry professionals who attend this conference.

Company: Helios provides comprehensive solutions for worker’s compensations claims. They manage pharmacy benefits, ancillary services and settlements.



Samsung at CES 2015


Booth: Samsung’s large, closed booth welcomed consumers with a large SUHD TV display showcasing over 20 televisions displaying fireworks and more. Inside, vertical displays utilized ceiling and wall space to ensure wide, clear walkways. A central showcase featured the “Infinite Possibilities” of the internet of things with a smart car, smart television and other advanced innovations.

Show: Consumer Electronics Show is  not just the premier technology show and preferred venue for tech announcements, but is one of the largest and highest-profile industry trade shows in the world.

Company: One of Samsung’s 78 diversified companies, Samsung Consumer Electronics specializes in digital appliances, televisions, smart phones and more.



Deutsche Telekom at e-World 2015


Booth: Deutsche Telekom’s booth featured two full stories. On the floor level, a clean white welcoming space invited guests to interact with company representatives and various interactive touch-screen displays. A quiet meeting space overhead provided a birds-eye view of the rest of the convention.

Show: The largest energy and water trade fair in Europe, e-World provides an international forum for industry leaders engaged in energy generation, transport and storage. Green and smart energy technology advances are also featured.

Company: Deutsche Telekom, a German telecommunications company, is currently developing the first phase of the EU 5G network and is planning an international public cloud service.



LEGO at SDCC 2015


Booth: Giant brick piles and buildable LEGO walls invite visitors to engage with the company’s products. Life-size LEGO models, such as a never-before-seen Star Wars Stormtrooper built from over 35,000 bricks, also drew a crowd toward the LEGO storefront.

Show: San Diego Comic Con, an international comic book and pop culture convention, hosts over 130,000 attendees each year at the San Diego Convention Center. The convention features over 460,000 square feet of exhibitor space and 600 hours of programming. In 2011, attendees spent $75,000,000 at the Con.

Company: For the last 35 years, LEGO has produced the world’s best-selling toy building brick sets. LEGO has experienced ten consecutive years of sales growth. Time Magazine recently reported that LEGO products provide a better return on investment than gold.



USPS at CES 2015


Booth: Stacked boxes, a key design element that surrounded all the other displays, provided a constant reminder of USPS’s staple services. Multiple interactive features, such as a game station and keepsake stamp printer, engaged visitors. Prospective clients were invited to the small, private second-floor meeting area to close deals.

Show: Consumer Electronics Show 2015 drew more than 170,000 attendees. With over 2.2 million square feet of exhibit space, CES features over 3,500 electronics exhibitors.

Company: The United States Postal Service introduced new advances in mailing technology at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The booth design was recognized as one of “The 20 Most Eye-Catching Booths” by Time Magazine.




Philips Healthcare (RSNA 2012)


Booth: Attendees were drawn to the Philips booth by four prominently featured innovations and an enormous 400-foot projector display. Behind these displays, interactive tablets and touch screens provided additional information about the Philips brand and its products. These elements created a powerful storytelling mechanism that introduced visitors to the background of the Philips Healthcare company.

Show: The Radiological Society of North America trade show, which attracts over 55,000 attendees each year, is an internationally-recognized gathering place for radiologists, medical physicists and other industry professionals.

Company: Philips Healthcare has introduced over 450 products in 100 countries over the last century, including X-ray technology, respiration tools and life support solutions.



Dazian (LDI 2015)


Booth: The Dazian team won the award for Best Small Booth Design at the 2015 event by using their own products to create depth and texture in the small 20’x20 space. By making their small space feel larger, Dazian showcased the effectiveness of the company’s signature Silhouette Tiles and other decorative products. The focal point of the booth was a prismatic, 3D wall used with video mapping for an awesome, cubist-inspired backdrop.

Show: Since 1988, Live Design International has introduced thousands of live entertainment professionals to suppliers. In 2015, over 12,000 professionals from theater, concerts and other venues around the world browsed over 350 company exhibits at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Company: For over 170 years, Dazian has provided fabrics and fabricated products to live entertainment providers such as trade shows and night clubs. New product developments include LED curtains and lighting features.



Trindo GmbH (Viscom 2015)


Booth: Trindo used their own products to design their booth. Using an industrial sand 3D printer, Trindo created a design that could not be replicated with traditional construction methods. Eight wall pieces were designed using a computer-generated Voronoi pattern and placed in front of a lit backdrop to showcase their unique construction quality.

Show: Viscom, Europe’s only comprehensive visual communication exhibition, is a three-day event that features products from printers, sign-makers, interior designers and more.

Company: Trindo GmbH partners with businesses to advise on, design and create 3D printed products. Their products are used in marketing, construction and more.



International Paper at HDL 2014

Courtesy of McKee Wallwork Co. Albuquerque's McKee Wallwork Co. won a gold national ADDY award for a trade show booth it designed for International Paper. jdyer@abqjournal.com Thu Jun 18 13:38:16 -0600 2015 1434656295 FILENAME: 194138.jpg

Booth: “Senseless Drawing Bot 1” was the highlight of International Paper’s booth. This robot used sugar-based paint and a swinging pendulum arm to create colorful, random artwork across a blank 30’x10’ backdrop. The multicolored mural and its creator were intended to show how technology and traditional paper elements could complement each other. The attention-grabbing, original booth design earned an ADDY at the American Advertising Federation’s national competition.

Show: How Design Live is a five-day event that caters to professional visual designers. Keynote speakers and a vast exhibition hall welcome thousands of industry professionals every year.

Company: International Paper has produced paper products, including packaging and pulp, for over 115 years. This industry leader has been listed as one of Fortune Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” for 12 out of the last 13 years.



Stanley at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2015

Booth: Stanley’s booth took excellent advantage of aerial space with a larger-than-life version of its classic thermos, clearly designating their location across the floor.

Show: The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City boasts a broad range of suppliers and buyers across numerous segments of the outdoor enthusiast market. The expo showcases suppliers, products, and innovations while hosting educational talks and seminars to help industry members improve business.

Company: Founded in 1913, Stanley is the creator of the iconic insulated, vacuum-sealed thermos familiar to so many outdoorsmen and adventurers. Today, they produce a range of mugs, cups, and bottles for the campers and hikers.



Drew Estate at IPCPR 2015


Booth: Blaring hip hop music, heavy traffic and a huge second floor lounge designed to resemble the Manhattan Bridge helped the Drew Estate booth draw crowds. Several new products were introduced at this event.

Show: Founded in 1933, the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) trade show is only open to IPCPR affiliated vendors and retailers. It is the oldest and largest trade show of its kind.

Company: Drew Estate Tobacco Company operates from the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua. The company was bought out by Swisher International in October 2014.



Levy Lighting NYC at DIFFA


Booth: Levy Lighting provided a realistic-looking fireplace for a beach exhibit designed to showcase Stephen Burks’ Traveler Chair for Roche Bobois. The fireplace was created by projecting a video of fire onto semi-transparent glass. The fireplace, flanked by Burks’ chairs, were placed on a sandy floor in front of a wall-size tropical sunset mural.

Show: The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) events present original displays to raise funds for AIDS research and preventative programs.

Company: Levy Lighting NYC offers light, sound and video element solutions for events and architectural design. In 2015, they attended DIFFA Dining by Design for the second time.



Modern Forms at LI 2015


Booth: The clean, white geometric shapes provided a distraction-free backdrop for Modern Form’s mixture of indoor and exterior lighting solutions. The open shapes featured cost-effective LED lighting elements on the floors, walls and ceiling.

Show: Lightfair International, a lighting trade show, had record attendance at the 2015 event. The three-day event includes educational courses and an exhibit hall.

Company: Modern Forms, the LED-focused division of manufacturer WAC Lighting, won the award for best 400-500 sq ft booth at the 2015 Lightfair International event.



One Canoe Two at NSS 2015


Booth: One Canoe Two’s booth brought their workspace into their storefront. Prominent placement was given to a work desk, decorated with color palettes, brushes and the designer’s favorite cup. The work desk was surrounded by simple shelving showcasing One Canoe Two’s newest offerings. Large hand-painted flowers adorned the entire display space.

Show: The National Stationery Show has connected stationery creators and buyers for over 70 years. Exhibitors sell various paper-related products, including gift wrap, stationery, scrapbooking products and handmade gifts.

Company: One Canoe Two, founded by two childhood friends who became professional illustrators, is a seller of hand-drawn stationary, cards, art prints and more.


Did you see any other jaw-dropping booths during 2015 that you think belong alongside these exceptional booths? Sound off in the comments!

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Our 15 Favorite Trade Show Booths from 2015

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